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Declarations for Cinema from the Scala Beyond network

DECLARATION #9: Hurstpierpoint Film Society

Do you remember your first visit to the cinema as a child? Weren’t you in the biggest, darkest room you had ever been in, with no windows? But then suddenly the biggest, brightest window you had ever seen opened and transported you to another world.

That is the magic that the Hurstpierpoint Film Society wants to bring back.

Cinema can come in many different forms. Fact or fiction, pure entertainment or with serious artistic intent; there is a multitude of genres, mainstream or specialist, in both English and other languages, some films are accessible others more obscure, some escapist, some thought provoking.

There is an audience for all forms of cinema, but due to the conservatism of the top-down film distribution process, where a small, risk averse cabal decide what we can see, where and when, a lot of us are not getting to see the films we might want to. Franchise and blockbuster films dominate the multiplexes, squeezing out all other forms of cinema.

Films can be watched at home, but films are made to be shown on the big screen and home viewing cannot compete with seeing a film in a cinema. What can be better than watching a brilliant comedy and joining in the collective laughter, or the shared tension of a gripping suspense film?

The frustration with the lack of quality films being screened drove us to set up Hurstpierpoint Film Society and our aim is to make the magic of cinema available to everyone by spreading the best films of the year from around the world over a number of months, while also showing overlooked films from past years and introducing people to films they may never have otherwise seen.

It is also a social endeavour where you can meet friends and neighbours, share a drink and a chat and then watch the film together.

It’s all for the love of film!

Hurstpierpoint Film Society: Website | Facebook | Twitter

For Scala Beyond, Hurstpierpoint Film Society have submitted their Made in Britain season which highlights recent British successes in cinema. Part of the Hurst Festival and taking place on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 September, titles include Black Pond, Disappearance of Alice Creed, Man on Wire and Tyrannosaur. For more information, click here.


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