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DECLARATION #17: Thomas Grimshaw & The Alibi Film Club

Rocking the boat’s a drag!

What ya gotta do it SINK THE BOAT!

Thomas Grimshaw and The Alibi Film Club present.....

Never before released in the UK, The Alibi Film Club invites you to a very rare screening of PUTNEY SWOPE Robert Downey, Sr’s 1969 counterculture comedy. PUTNEY SWOPE is an anarchic satire about the takeover of a Madison Ave ad agency by a group of militant Black Panther types.

Pitched somewhere between the rata-tat-tat hysteria of the Marx Brothers and Lenny Bruce’s savage politicism. Shot in b&w but interspersed with a series of demented Technicolor adverts, the film lists amongst its highlights: a crazed Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear), two dwarfs playing the US President and his First Lady and a marketing campaign for a volatile Nazi car called “the Bormann Six”.

Monday 27 August | 8.00pm | Free entry  An Evening with PUTNEY SWOPE, The Alibi | 91 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, London | E8 2PB


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