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Declarations for Cinema from the Scala Beyond network


Having hit rock bottom, we sought solace in the scruffy, dog-eared world of outsider cinema and the stoned soul spirituality of the Wu-Tang Clan. Staring down the barrel of multiplex induced heartache and cinematic destitution, we turned our backs on the real world. We formed like Voltron and gave birth to Videotapeswapshop, affectionately known as VTSS to save on the syllables. VTSS has become a halfway picture house for likeminded souls seeking raw slabs of celluloid that transcend bourgeois notions of taste and trash. In the VTSS universe Warhawk Tanzania stands toe-to-toe with Errol Flynn, Godfrey Ho commands the same respect as Jane Campion and Klaus Kinski answers to absolutely nobody. Violent Italian cop movies, sweaty Spaghetti Westerns, nonsensical Filipino actioners and films about cats and dogs tend to rock our analogue hued world…

This summer, we wrestle with sound and vision in the wastelands of South London. First up we bring you, DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez! – the UK premiere of Everything Is Terrible!’s insane, found footage remake of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain, made ENTIRELY with dogs. For the cat lovers, we purr our way through Mark Lewis’ gently scabrous documentary Show Cats. Then we head Down Under and submit ourselves to Rolf de Heer’s ear splitting and unforgettable Bad Boy Bubby and get completely freaked out by the eerie silence and flesh-eating rats of Terry Bourke’s Oz shocker Night Of Fear.

Join us and go Beyond Scala as we share our love for unexplored and indescribable excesses in the moving image. We’d love to see you. Because to see you, is nice.



As part of Scala Beyond, VTSS will be screening:

Saturday 25 August | 4.00pm | £3 Everything is Terrible’s DOGGIEWOGGIEZ! POOCHIEWOOCHIEZ! UK Premiere! The Big Red, 30 Deptford Church Street, London, SE8 4RZ

Wednesday 29 August | 7.00pm | £6 BAD BOY BUBBY and NIGHT OF FEAR Roxy Bar and Screen, 128-132 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LB


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