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Declarations for Cinema from the Scala Beyond network

DECLARATION #21: Strange Vice

Strange Vice started in 2011. We started as a webstore selling cult films, music and reading material. In 2012 , after years projecting small gauge film onto makeshift screens in front rooms and kitchens and on one glorious occasion onto a neighbours house, we began putting on screenings with a showing of a 16mm print of Beyond Atlantis.Our plan was to take grindhouse out of the arthouse and bring it back into the grindhouse. With a recent resurgance in interest in exploitation films we wanted to re-create the viewing experience the way in which these films were originally seen and how they looked.
There’s something special about watching a film off a well.. film. It looks better, it sounds better , hell we think it even smells better.  One of two features in a SV double bill is always from a 16mm print. We  also show  loads of choice trailers and shorts as well as an abdridged film (they make little narrative sense but all the best bits are in there) on  8mm before the second feature. We feel that there is no comparrison to watching this material in a dark room with a couple of projectors set up, cheap alcohol, popcorn , and a bunch of other degenerates as opposed to watching a retro shot on dv film with film lines and grain added in post production at home on DVD by yourself.

Strange Vice is proud that Screening #4 will be part of Scala Beyond because the Scala Cinema is part of legend. A time when arthouse and trash were screened all night long side by side in flea pit cinemas and YOU got to decide which was which. It is this spirit that we endevour to pack in as much non stop entertainment into our bi monthly 5 hr Saturday night spot as possible.

Although Strange Vice endorses heavy drinking and rowdy behaviour at our events, we regret that due to legal restrictions that we cannot condone soliciting or drug consumption on the premises.  

Strange Vice: Website | Facebook

As part of Scala Beyond, Strange Vice present Screening #4: Monte Hellman’s Beast from Haunted Cave, plus shorts and trailers, at The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, Glasgow on Saturday 29 September 7.00pm.


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