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Declarations for Cinema from the Scala Beyond network

DECLARATION #22: The Misty Moon Film Club

(turquoise/orange sky)

i remember…i remember

i remember watching the Evening Standard British Film Awards on tv

i remember you going up to collect your ‘best british newcomer’ award

i remember you saying “thank you to Gary and Martin Kemp….for giving the fear…the glamour”

i remember being intrigued by you

(turquoise/orange/damson pink sky)

i remember you walking past me on Bethnal Green tube

i remember saying “excuse me are you Philip Ridley?”

i remember you smiled and said “yes”

i remember we talked and talked and talked

i remember the sound of  two minds cracking

(dark blue/red/yellow sky)

i remember going to see The Passion of Darkly Noon in Leicester square at the 1995 London Film Festival

i remember you thanking the audience for “coming to see the film at this ungodly hour…ungodly being the operative word”

i remember people laughing when the giant silver shoe first appeared….(i didnt laugh)

i remember humming ‘who will love me now?’ all the way home

(purple/crimson/gold sky)

i remember reading the words ‘Philip Ridley is making a new film’

i remember going to the Frighfest premiere of Heartless

i remember how i felt when i saw the opening titles for the first time

i remember how i felt when i saw the words ‘A Philip Ridley’ film’ on the big screen

i remember…..i remember

(pitch black sky/starlight)

Poem by David Hickey

Blood And Glitter: The Films of Philip Ridley, August 25th, The Misty Moon Gallery, Ladywell SE13 7HS . 4pm till 10pm.

The Misty Moon Movie Club is part of Misty Moon Gallery, which is next door to and part of The Ladywell Tavern in Ladywell SE13. The Misty Moon Gallery is a multi media space which showcases artists from all over the world as well as very popular film nights and Q&As with special guests, and the tavern next door holds regular events such as live music, burlesque,DJs,poetry readings,stand up comedy etc as well as great food.  so come and visit the wonderful Misty Moon Gallery and The Ladywell Tavern.


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