Fill the Land with Cinemas

Declarations for Cinema from the Scala Beyond network

DECLARATION #23: kinokulture


kinokulture – Through Cinema We Hope To Inspire

kinokulture launched in 2009 with the aim of bringing cinema to rural communities on the Mid Wales & Shropshire borders. Our love and passion for cinema is the driving force alongside a programming philosophy based on accessibility for rural audiences to the fantastic range of  cinematic experiences that sadly are often only available in the major cities.

We work alongside our local community, independent distributors and film-makers to provide an eclectic programme that has included regional & national premieres, the best in new documentary, archive screenings, live soundtrack performances, Hollywood classics, short film nights, world cinema and new independent cinema.

We particularly enjoy working with independent film-makers to create screening opportunities for new works and for a number of years have worked alongside award winning British independent film-maker, Greg Hall, and his production team, Broke But Making Films, to screen his films alongside masterclasses and Q&A’s

For us cinema is an immersive and communal experience with the power to engage, entertain, journey into different worlds, discover new perspectives and create new ways of thinking.


kinokultureWebsite | Facebook | Twitter

For Scala Beyond, kinokulture and Broke But Making Films will be hosting an exciting double bill of classic and contemporary cinema with after screening Q&A.

Broke But Making Films makes original, unique, independent, critically acclaimed and award winning cinema. Over the past eight years Broke But Making Films has pioneered with some of the most cutting edge no-budget cinema to emerge from the British underground of independent film including feature films The Plague (2004), Kapital (2007), SSDD: Same Shit Different Day (2010) and short film BRUISED (2012)., @communianfilm

kinokulture presents Contenders Night: BRUISED/RAGING BULL at The Attfield Theatre,  The Guildhall, Bailey Head, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 1DY on Saturday 18 August 7.30pm.


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