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Declarations for Cinema from the Scala Beyond network

DECLARATION #24: Howling At The Moon

Last summer we were thinking:

“We love films, we love our local, so why not combine the two?”

Howling at the Moon was created as a free community event for people who enjoy attending and supporting other local events but aren’t necessarily experts in film. We wanted our fortnightly screenings to reach not just the people who already know or love the films, but also the people enjoying a quiet Sunday pint who happen to stay a little longer and discover something new in the process.

We wanted to dig out the lesser known films by famous directors, the movies that amazed us, entertained us, or introduced us to new things; we didn’t want to plump for obscurity for obscurity’s sake. We wanted to be able to share the films we love for their sake alone, regardless of how well-known or not they already were.

Broadly speaking, we show horror and sci-fi; but our taste is for classic, supernatural, spine-tingling, out-there cinema, which could, and hopefully will, encompass many other films beyond these genres; for now, we just know that we want to entertain, and hopefully unearth a few forgotten classics in the process.

More than anything, we probably just wanted an excuse to spend more time at the Duke of Wellington in Dalston, which has been our local for over three years now; the fact that the ornate, comfortable and candle-strewn back room lends itself so perfectly to the types of films we show is an added bonus. It suited our opening film, the lustrous Legend Of Hell House, so well, it was like being inside the house itself.

If all that doesn’t tempt people, the free popcorn surely will.

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As part of Scala Beyond,  Howling at the Moon presents THE CITY OF THE DEAD at The Duke of Wellington, 119 Balls Pond Road, London, N1 4BL on Sunday 26 August 8.00pm. Free entry.


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