Fill the Land with Cinemas

Declarations for Cinema from the Scala Beyond network

DECLARATION #34: Jacques Boyreau

Jacques Boyreau 9/8/2012

I declare the future of cinema is not as MEDIUM for pumping product out, but as ENVIRONMENT for re-discovering decorum, religion, discipline, and love for machines. The domination by digital systems has de-rendered the simple magic of dark room and light beam. Such barracuda qualities as hegemonic prolificacy, seeming effortlessness, and silence of ninja, elevate digital delivery to a nasty supremacy forgetting or impugning the importance of room and beam, and machine-roar. I envision several fetishistic remedies: make lamp shades out of film strips; build a theater designed like a giant film projector; put digital projectors inside film projectors; have a 35mm projector running in the loo; surround women with a ring of 16mm projectors, etc.

As part of Scala Beyond, Jacques Boyreau’s SexyTime, a book celebrating the art of the 1970s porn movie poster, will be launched at the Horse Hospital on Friday 24 August with a poster exhibition, running until 1st September. Website.


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